The Window

Ah the window. It can be a good thing and a bad thing. You can display your Christmas tree with pride putting the others to shame around you. You can show off the new 62 inch LCD HD TV so that everyone that walks past the window can see that you love watching those historical documentaries. Or you can do what someone on my route the other day did. It was a fairly normal morning. I was picking my kids up and driving round my normal route having a fairly uneventful day. That is until I got to the window. One of my kids never comes outside to wait as their door is right on the street and they can hear me from inside (yes the bus is that loud). Well as it also happens the window was right into their lounge and with it being first thing in the morning not everyone was paying attention at the time I drove up for my pickup. They had the blinds for the window open and the light on so that everyone could see inside.

As we drove away my rider commented that it was a good thing that no body had walked by although they did see someone shut a bedroom door real fast when they realized that the window blinds were open