American Written Test

Ok so you are all probably wondering what I had to go through for my school bus licence. Over the next few posts I will be telling you what happens to me. It may not be every day but I will try to do the best I can bringing you up to date.

First things first though I had to take a written test and a driving test for my car licence. This was easy enought to do. I just had to turn up for the written test. If you fail there is no charge but once you pass you pay for the licence. Its the same for the skills part as well. Everything is much the same just on the other side of the road. I was very worried about it but managed to sneak through.

Skip forward a while and now I find myself looking at becoming a school bus driver here in the USA. I know what you all are thinking but let me tell you that its a lot different here. The school bus has rules, break them and you are off.
So off I go to take the first part of the test.

I needed to take four tests. Yes that’s right four. A general knowedge, a passenger transport, school bus and air brake tests. Fail anyone of those and you can’t drive BUT you can retake them and those you pass you don’t have to retake everything. Luckily for me I was able to pass three straight away and the fourth the following day.

Now I get to train in on their school bus.

More to come.


TWM Driver is now School Bus Driver

Yes you read that right. I am now a yellow bus driver here in the USA. I have finally returned to my basic skills and have signed up to become a school bus driver.
It should be interesting for me to compare the differences in the buses and kids. That won’t be for a while though as I frirst have to pass the test for it.
More on this change in a later post.

I look forward to reading your comments and thoughts and hopefully we can get this blog going again with more tales.