100 Posts

Yes this is number 100.

Another milestone in the history of the blog. Too many blogs that I used to read start out well but then run out in a couple of months as the user forgets about them and lets them fall away.

I hope that this one will continue for as long as I can post.

So let’s review what I’ve accomplished and had happen to me over the last 100 posts.

I’ve been featured on several blogs. In fact it was an article by Jon Bounds that launched me from just another blog to the high points.

A couple of newspapers wrote articles about me

BBC WM invited me in to do an interview with Les Ross. That was a great day

NXWM or TWM kept trying to find me but never achieved their goal although I did meet up with one of the pr bods who said that I was doing a good thing.

I started to write a book about life on the bus and I fully intend to complete it at some point soon. I just need to find the time to actually sit down and write some more.

And finally I moved to the USA a big move but one that I had been waiting for.

Now I am back in the land of the well contected internet wise I can sit down and write up my posts a little more often. It is a lot easier to type on a near full size keyboard than on a small phone one.

Heres to many more posts and to a happy healthy blog life