So once again I find myself sitting down at a keyboard and wondering what I need to write. Its going to be hard work for me to catch you all up on the last 18 months of my life but I will try.

So as you can probably tell I am no longer a bus driver but I have decided to stay with this blog because it feels so much like a part of me. I enjoyed writing for you all and I hope that I can continue to do this.

After arriving in the USA I spent four months without a job. Part of this was because I didn’t have my green card yet and part was the actual job hunting stage of things. It was a wonderful four months, but i did get cabin fever some days. I got to watch my son grow up a little and took a well earned rest and enjoyed life. It was hard four months. We had to struggle through things and every company that I talked to wanted some sort of security deposit to connect service along with a social security number which I didn’t have then. Once they heard that I was not a US citizen the security deposit usually doubled and then they wanted yet more proof of ID from me. This was just for the gas and electric companies! As it turns out the Social Security Number is something of  a “much have”  for the person wanting to live in America. It plays a major role in identifying who you are, how much tax you pay, what your credit score is, everything. Basically without it you dont exist in America. So I didn’t exist. WOW!  So after many phone calls back and forth they finally agreed to take my alien registration number (meep meep just call me Marvin) and get services started so my family and I could survive. All I had to do now was get myself a job.

My wonderful wife supported our family while I was searching and we managed to pay our bills and survive very well.

It felt like a very long vacation for me. Having hardly had any time away from any sort of work for a long time it was a welcome break and one that I needed to adjust to the different pace of life and the weather.


My New Life Continues


By now I have probably lost all my readers but it doesn’t bother me. I did not start this for the fame it was just a place to express my views on things and share some stories.
I have not been posting for so long for a couple of reasons. One of which has been the lack of internet. While I don’t have a connection at my house right now I do have a phone that has it and that is where I am writing from right now.
Now that I can finally write again, albeit with thumbs its time to try to get back into the swing of things.

You may ask yourself what I have to write about now that I am no longer a bus driver. Well plenty actually. I am approaching this as a new thing. I am a uk citizen that is attempting to become a citizen in the USA. My hope is that this will help anyone that wants to move over here.

I hope that I can also include some tales from my job in here as well as answering some questions that you may have about the difference between the uk and USA. Please bear with me as it can get a little difficult at times purely because I am working really long hours and all I want to do when I get home is sleep.

Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have and I will do my best to answer them.

Till the next time.