Part Two

Ok so where we left off I was winging my way across the pond with my wife and son heading for a brand new life in the USA.

After a very very long flight during which out little man hardly played up but played hard we landed safe and sound and proceeded to the next major hurdle. Crossing the border into the USA. My wife and son would not have any problems doing this as they both had American passports but in order for me to enter I had to go and take a different route which would mean splitting us up. Neither of us wanted this so we asked an official who said that as we were together and as I was on a visa we could go the same path. We breathed a sigh of relief and headed towards the line.

After about ten minutes of waiting and not moving we asked what was going on and were told that the computers had crashed and as a result they were not able to let anyone through at all. This was not good for my nerves at all and I prayed that there would be a swift solution. Sadly there wasnt and we were there for about 40 minutes waiting. Finially they got the computers and we were allowed to see the immigration people. He had no problems with us and the visa package and we were allowed into the country. It was a wonderful moment for us all as this was the last stepping stone for now that we had to do. Now I was in the usa things would, I hoped get a lot easier.