Fog is every drivers worst nightmare. That great mass of blank white that dulls all the senses. Vision is reduced every sound muffled. Thats just during the day. Now imagine this at 4am and driving a bus.

 OMG I hate it. Its so hard to drive a bus in the fog. Everyone that travels on it seems to forget that I have to take more time and need to be more careful as everyone else on the road seems to think that because they cant see the road there is nothing on it.

I also get some drivers that are so dumb its amazing.

I was sitting at a junction waiting to turn right. This was at about 7:00am so it was still dark and foggy. I had my window open and could hear nothing. I take my foot off the brake pedal to start the bus moving forward and then have to slam the brakes back on as a car goes whizzing past the front of the bus with no lights on.

 Yes thats right he was driving with no lights in the dark and in fog.

He won the brain trust award for the day


Still alive

Sorry i’ve not been posting but things have been a little mad around here. Not much time to blog at all.. Should be back to normal service soon though