My view on parents

Reciently i had the doubious honour of viewing two different styles of parenting on the same day just seperated by a turn at the terminus.

The first was very young, i would say not much older than 19, gets on with a screaming baby in a buggy. She was chattering away on her phone to her mate. It must have been a very important conversation as she couldnt even spare her phone hand to pay the fare. All the while yak yak yak on the phone. Eventually she decided that she could spare the screaming baby a moment of her time…. “WHY CANT YOU JUST SHUT UP” she yelled right in the face of the poor kid. I just wanted to jump out and slap her round the face…. not really the best thing. I was very glad when she and kid got off.

The second one was a total contrast… Still got on with screaming kid.. said sorry and asked person on the phone to hold on while she paid..then after sitting down and baby was still crying i heard the wonderful “Can i call you back in a little while” and i saw the most wonderful thing. This lady stopped what she was doing and picked the baby up out of the pram and soothed it.

In this day and age where people get money for kids its too easy to forget that they need love too. Just remember if you have a screaming kid and you get on a bus its not just you that suffers its everyone including the driver


Things to make a driver cringe

Ok so doing this job you get to hear some wierd crap so i thought i would post some of the things that i hear on my days.

“Do you do this for a living?”   er no its a hobby

(while sitting at the station on my break) “Do you go to the station?” er are you blind

(half way down a one way street with no exits) “Do you go down this road?”

More as and when i hear them

An update

A little apology here. Things have been a little hetic over here and with the press all about the driver that got fired because they kept a blog about work. So, although the blog is new i decided to keep it quiet but now mwa ha ha I am back….